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Oct. 10th, 2020 07:52 pm
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[beeep] "Hallo there, lovelies. I'm afraid I'm not available at the moment, which probably means I'm doing something fun. Or dead in a ditch. Or stuck under something heavy. If you think it's option number one, leave a message. If you think it's option two or three, do be a dear and call for someone who drives a vehicle with a siren attached."
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Eames hated this.

It had been over a week since he'd talked to Arthur, and that included even small, meaningless exchanges like "Pass the coffee pot". Granted, it was his own damned fault -- he'd asked for space to calm down, and Arthur had given it to him. But now the absence was driving him insane.

What had happened wasn't Arthur's fault -- he knew that. But he'd been angry and there wasn't anyone to blame -- or, rather, anyone to take out his anger on. And he knew that if he lashed out at Arthur, he'd say or do something he'd regret, and that taking time to cool off would be wiser in the long run.

Still. He could tell Arthur'd been hurt by it.

He couldn't sleep that night and found himself nursing a bottle of ale in the kitchen some time after midnight. There was a silly, nagging thought of just going into Arthur's room and curling up with him like nothing was wrong, but that was foolish -- as much as he might miss the other man, all it'd do would disturb him.
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Sooooo, just so no one is concerned that I'm going off the deep end/about to croak: I'm fine, I'm not dead, no need to worry. My nose stopped bleeding, and I slept a solid thirteen hours last night, so I'm feeling much better.

And, no, I did not pay someone to hit me on the back of the head so I could black out, even if I joked I would.
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Arthur, darling, I had no idea that you were so musically gifted. Or that you could be so fun! Nice to see you actually have a hidden, not-so-deadly-serious side.


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